Since 1966, Convertex has supplied the Mexican textile market and the world. It is a company where tradition has been kept and with a reputation that directly reflects the quality and dependability of our people. Today the company is being successfully managed by the third family generation.

Responding to the demand of high quality products, Convertex, whose production facility is located 45 minutes west of Mexico City, has installed the latest state of the art textile manufacturing equipment. For the last years, Convertex has been engaged in a continuous expansion program to provide the highest value and quality products to our customers.

Our employees play a critical part of our values as we are a dedicated and committed team, contributing to the success of our company. This value, has allowed us to provide the maximum quality in every yarn of synthetic fibers, such as: High Bulk Acrylic, Regular Acrylic, Texturized Nylon, Texturized Polyester and Covered Yarns.

Our famous high quality yarns are well known and accepted in both the domestic and international textile markets. Convertex has been ISO-9001-2000 certified by the Swiss Certification Service.

We are proud to supply yarns to many prestigious fabrics and clothing manufacturers in the hosiery, circular, rectilinear and seamless knitting markets. Every product we supply meet the critical issues of quality and durability.

We have distribution points throughout Mexico and in specific export locations. Our sales executives have a vast product knowledge and will be extremely happy to help in your specific needs.